Our innovative school project
Our Market in pictures

A large part of our Heritage Lottery project was to create a visual representation of the people and products within the Market.  We did this in two ways.
Firstly, we commissioned a talented, and local, professional photographer to take some portrait photographs of the people working in the Market today.  Our aspiration was for natural, unintrusive shots that captured the essence of the businesses and the customer service on offer within the Market.  We think that this shines through in our images.  It was important that the type of portrait was influenced by the individual traders so that we harnessed their enthusiasm and personalities.  As you can see, some chose to pose for their pictures, others wanted to capture day-to-day activity.  We are delighted with the richness of the shots from David Fisher Photography.
As a contrast to the professional shots, we wanted to capture a child's-eye view of the Market.  We worked with West Oxfordshire Primary School on an interactive project to mentor their use of a camera and then to let them loose in the Market to take pictures.  Thier brief - "take pictures that interest and inspire you and that would represent the Market in your eyes".  The contrast is fascinating.  Our Year 6 pupils (10 and 11 years old) almost exclusively chose to capture products, shapes and colours.  It gave us a brilliant record of the vibrancy and eclectic nature of what is on offer.

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We have over forty professional portraits and over a hundred school project images that represent the Market in a candid and uncomplicated way.
We are proud of our mentoring project with Year 6 at West Oxford Primary School.  Thank you to Anna and James, Frankie and Issey, Ione and Flynn, Jake and Lottie, Makoto and Frazier, Max and Arthur, Ryan and Bilal, Sasha and Hafsa.