The market through different eyes
"WHO is Oxford's Covered Market?"

The Heritage Lottery project began, as do others, with a simple conversation between two people in a coffee shop in Oxford.  It evolved into something far greater than the sum of its individual parts.  The legacy, apart from the mechanics such as this website, is substantial.  We have provided new access to archive materials, new opportunities to schoolchildren and new customers to precious independent small businesses in Oxford.
We hope that we have shown that a building is just a building without the people and the personalities that have been, are, and will be, associated with it as long as it stands.  Add in the human elements of choice, decision, dispute and personality and a building becomes a place.  More than that, with the right blend a building can become more than a place - it can become a destination. 
Oxford Covered Market is a destination.  It will remain so as long as the integrity of its offer can be protected. 

More about our heritage project

Thanks to Whirlwind productions we have B-roll footage available for television companies and other professional organisations which require film shorts for their documentaries.

More information

The Heritage Lottery project had two key aspirations:

To give ordinary people an insight into the heritage of the Covered Market and to allow them access to restricted archive materials
To raise the profile of the Covered Market in a way that celebrates the experience, expertise and personalities of the people who have been, and still are, associated with it.  

The project was delivered through nine key activities:

  • Professional portraits of current traders in the Market
  • Written portraits of past and present traders in the Market
  • A child's persepctive on the Market - a primary school photographic project
  • Extensive archive research
  • A three-month professional exhibition at the Museum of Oxford
  • The development of a curriculum pack for primary schools
  • Two new short films
  • A new website
  • The development of a self-guided walk

In delivering this project we have trained local people, we have engaged local shoolchildren and we have worked with local businesses.  As the South East Regional Chair of the Heritage Lottery commented on his second visit, "This project is exactly what we should be funding in terms of heritage projects.  There is a great mix of archive materials and living history being made accessible to a wide audience."